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300 Games - Congratulations Joe Leck

posted Jun 21, 2011, 5:54 AM by MPFC   [ updated Oct 31, 2016, 5:07 PM ]
Congratulations to Joe Leck for playing his 300th game on the weekend.
It was great to play in the side that produced a great win for a great bloke.
To top a great day, Joe nailed his 6th goal seconds before the final siren.
On behalf of all the guys and supporters I would just like to thank Joe and wish him all the best for the rest of the season.
Below is a speech that Nat McDonald read during the Reserves Half Time break during the A Grade centre huddle. It says it all.


WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO PLAY 300 GAMES.?..First of all ya gotta be able to play footy and this “champ” can play footy. Secondly ya gotta be committed.  Committed means training. To play 300 games ya gotta go to training 600 times at least, if ya add up  games missed through injury or being suspended (for just being a hard “champ” for his team) where Joe still attended  training and give or take 8 weeks of pre-season every year it adds up to over a thousand times he has pulled on the boots and ran around on this great oval for his club...   Plus he played juniors here.

Off the field he’s done so much for this club, he’s been on the committee for a squillion years, He’s  organised countless functions and footy trips and attracted shitloads of sponsors .We’d be “lost” without him.

He’s a great team mate to have just the best kind of mate you could ever wish for, he’d do anything for ya, he’s been a mentor  to me for the past whateva years and he’s the reason I love Mitchell park so much.

All that aside the most important thing anyone can do for a football club is play footy and that’s what he does best.  Mitchell Park Football club A grade premiership captain, association medal winner and now 300 game LEGEND...      he’s got that much “champ” in him he’s the



Nat McDonald, 18th June 2011