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Mark Sansome

Nickname: Sambo
Age: 33
Position: Full Forward/Full Back
Years at Mitchell Park: 16
AFL Team: Port Adelaide - is there anyone else?
What you love about Mitchell Park: Shepherds, Smothers, Voice, the smell of deep heat before the game, singing the song after a win!
Best player you have seen at Mitchell Park: Most Skillful - Joe Leck
Most Courageous - Morgan Ellingham
Total Package - Al Driver C Grade mid 90's
Most Inspirational - Andrew Walsh
Funniest player: Darlyl Reynolds, Daniel Cox
Most annoying: Drew Uppington, Kingsley Stokes
Best Looking: Phil Pike, Craig Rivett
Whose football bag would you least want to inspect: Daniel "Shadow" Edwards
Our best win: 08 B's Vs Sacred Heart, 07 Under 8's @ PHOS Camden, 05 A's @ Mitcham
Other comments:
  • Pay your subs
  • A club without financial members is a charity
  • Pay your subs
  • Ask not what your club can do for you, but what you can do for your club
  • Pay your subs
  • Care about what happens at the AGM, get on the committee
  • Pay your subs
  • Help out the juniors, put your hand up to coach
  • Pay your subs
  • Put your strapping in the bin
  • Did I mention, pay your subs?