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Morgan Ellingham

Nickname: Moontan
Age: 25
Position: Jack of all trades, master of none but mostly flanks
Years at MPFC: 6 or 7
AFL Team: Port Adelaide
What you love about the MPFC: Representative - it's where I grew up, there are some good blokes
Best player you have seen at MPFC: Bernie Kusterman, Joe Leck or Damien Bates
Funniest player: Joe Leck - perser "f****ing" verence, his rants still crack me up.
Most annoying: Brad Steele
Best Looking: Is there really any other? - Craig Rivett
Whose football bag would you least want to inspect: My own - it's a disgrace
Our best win: Our home win against Fitzroy when we were in Div 5. They're probably the strongest team we have beaten in the SAAFL. 08 Semi Vs Athelstone
Other comments: Pay your subs!