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Pre-season and Post Sign Up Night

posted Nov 23, 2011, 3:07 PM by MPFC   [ updated Oct 31, 2016, 5:00 PM ]
It was great to see all the new faces at the sign up night last Friday night. It seems the coach has gone down the YOUTH policy road to ensure the club has a long term future while we develop the juniors we already have. The club was a buzz and everyone positive for a really good season. Interesting to note that the footy forums do not rate us again so that's a good thing. To all our sponsors, life members, supporters and friends make sure you are at the games this season, because you will see a very different and very professional team giving their all to take the next step, and finally with a strong depth of players. Pre-season starts on the 15th December with running shoes so GET ON BOARD and start running.
Interesting to note that our arch enemy SHOC look like remaining in Division 7 this season "BRING EM ON" as they are a fantastic club and get the best out of us. It's obviously early days yet but Division 7 in 2012 looks to be a cracker so there should be some really good games and we are setting ourselves to be in every one of them.
Pre-season Programme @ Moreland Avenue, Mitchell Park:
Thursday 15th December 2011
Monday 19th December 2011
Tuesday 17th January 2012
...continuing every Tuesday and Thursday night until the season start.