About the club


The Mitchell Park Football Club was established in 1968.

They played in the S.M.F.L. until its demise, when they joined S.A.F.A. When that association was disbanded in 1995, the Lions joined the Southern League.

Finally the Lions joined the SAAFL in 2001 and were rewarded with their first premiership for Division 6 in 2002. The Lions have played in either Division 5, Division 6 or Division 7 over the past decade.

In 2012 after 10 years the Lions won their 2nd premiership in the SAAFL followed shortly after with their 3rd in 2015.

This year will again be the year of the LIONS.

Club Song


Are we good!?

Are we good!?

Are we any bloody good!?

We're the Lions from down at the Park

Yes we are!

Yes we are!

We're the bloody best by far!

We're the Lions from down at the Park

Did we win?

We sh*t it in !!!!

How'd we do it?